Reverse Logistics

Complete and effective system of reverse logistics that generates raw material, source of income and jobs!

Multi Step

STEP 01:

Waste Collection

STEP 02:


STEP 03:


STEP 04:

Sorting, Grading and Pressing

STEP 05:


STEP 06:

Reinício do Ciclo

Through the user's interaction with one of our Collection Points, all the material is collected and generated into tricycle points.

With an efficient monitoring system, our Collection Points inform in real time the capacity of your reservoir. Thus, our center optimizes the collection process.

Our vehicle goes to the Collection Points that need to be emptied, respecting the timetable of each establishment, and collects all the material.

The collected waste is sent to our warehouse, where we carry out the sorting, classification, and baling, obtaining greater efficiency in reverse logistics

The material is destined to cooperatives, distributors, and companies in the sector, for reuse or recycling, generating raw material and a source of wealth and jobs.

The industry restarts the cycle. The first stage starts all over again.



Solid Waste Policies.

The National Solid Waste Policy and the Sectorial Agreement for the Reverse Logistics of Packaging impose the implementation of the Packaging Reverse Logistics System observing the following stages:

a. Separation

Separação pelo consumidor das embalagens;

b. Disposal

Delivery by the consumer of the packaging to a collection point;

c. Transportation

Transportation of the collected packages through the points to a location suitable to receive the material;

d. Screening and Classification

Sorting the material in such places, separating different types of materials and classifying them, for the environmentally adequate destination;

e. Destination

Sending the separated and classified packaging to packaging manufacturers, recyclers and cooperatives.

And the Triciclo meets all these steps!

It collects the packages directly from the citizens, converting them into social benefits (credit in public transportation, discount in the energy bill, discount in a bookstore, among others).

All the collected material is sent to the Triciclo Shed, where we carry out the sorting, classification, and baling.

Later, this material is destined to cooperatives and recyclers, generating raw material, a source of wealth and work!